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Cryopreserved hiPSC-derived Schwann Cell Precursors manufactured for off-the-shelf use by end users.

We've rapidly generated Schwann cell precursors (SCPs) from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) in just 9 days, offering a promising model for studying diseases like diabetic neuropathy and Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome. These SCPs, when co-cultured with our hiPSC-derived sensory and motor neurons, align within a week and express myelination markers over time. Our model, validated by transmission electron microscopy, allows for screening with tool compounds and functional analysis using multi-electrode arrays, advancing the study of peripheral nervous system diseases.

Scalable Manufacturing of SCPs in 9 Days


The rapid directed differentiation of human Schwann cell precursors from pluripotent stem cells in only 9 days. Pluripotent stem cells are patterned towards “primal ectoderm” in 24 hours, which can be further patterned into HOXB1 expressing neural crest and subsequently differentiated into SCPs characterized by SOX10 and S100b expression with up to 90% efficiency. Scale bar = 100 um.

Proven in a Number of Assays

We've performed extensive assay development for a number of techniques so that your first experiments will run smoothly.  Without the need for extensive optimization, researchers can focus on discovery and innovation.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 081009.png
SCPs maturation_edited.jpg
SCP phase image 3.png




Rapid Maturation

SCPs screening_edited.jpg

Optimized for Screening



Contact us today about improving your research workflow and success with RealSCPs™ hiPSC-derived Schwann Cell Precursors.

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