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Anatomic inks non-exclusive pact with Matrixome to distribute innovative iMatrix™ products.

iMatrix-511 silk laminin fragment substrate pairs well with Anatomic RealDRG nociceptors.


MINNEAPOLIS, MN — April 25th, 2022 — Anatomic, the trusted global leader for consistent and scalable human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived nociceptors for high throughput pain drug discovery has today announced a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Matrixome Inc. (Japan). Under the new agreement, Anatomic will add iMatrix-511 silk along with other laminin matrices as part of its offering to customers. This allows Anatomic to provide a one-stop-shop for all materials required for culturing it’s RealDRG nociceptors.


Patrick Walsh, CEO Anatomic, said, “It’s incredibly difficult to create a full product ecosystem that combines cell, substrate, and culture media to provide consistent function for a variety of end users and use-case scenarios. We can’t be more thrilled to round out our hiPSC-derived nociceptor offering with the inclusion of the iMatrix portfolio from Matrixome.”

Follows Vince Truong, COO Anatomic, “Customers demand maximum performance from our products, and the addition of iMatrix products to our portfolio will not disappoint. iMatrix-511 silk as a substrate provides incredible adherence for our high-purity RealDRG nociceptors, which contain no non-neuronal cell types that might help anchor them to culture plates. In addition to superb performance, the arrangement with Matrixome also provides economic benefits that will be realized by the customer.“



For further information, please contact:

Vincent Truong

T: +1 (612) 208-6735



About Anatomic

Anatomic is the trusted global leader in hiPSC nociceptor manufacturing for the development of novel analgesics. Anatomic’s breakthrough manufacturing platform enables the scalable and consistent production of human pluripotent stem cell derived sensory neurons, or RealDRG™, useful for characterization of the molecular mechanisms of pain in low, medium, and high throughput screening settings. More Info: Email:


About Matrixome

Matrixome Inc. is a venture company out of Osaka University’s Institute for Protein Research providing a unique laminin technology. Already a gold standard in Japan for clinical and research use, Matrixome’s E8 fragment technology, pioneered by Professor Sekiguchi after 20 years of research, provides numerous advantages over other ECM substrates and has already been used in countless peer-reviewed papers, clinical stem cell banks, and clinical trials.

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