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hiPSC-derived motor neurons manufactured for off-the-shelf use by end users.

A Seven Day Manufacturing Process

Using Anatomic's industrial scale Moto-DM™ process, we've developed RealMOTO™, cryopreserved human pluripotent stem cell-derived motor neurons ready for end-user, off-the-shelf use. 

These hiPSC-derived motor neurons are phenotype-consistent throughout lots and have excellent and predictable post-thaw recovery. The expression of ISL1+, HB9+, TUJ1+, CHAT+ is consistent by immunocytochemistry as well as other motor neuron markers.

RealDRG™ cryopreserved hiPSC-derived sensory neurons do not require mitomycin treatment and can be rapidly matured using Chrono™ Moto-MM.

RealDRG Resources

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RealDRG Quick Guide

Version 1.7

Updated 14JUNE2023

RealDRG Seeding Density

Version 1.0

Updated 04MAY2023

RealDRG Calcium Imaging

Version 1.0

Updated 08DEC2021


Version 1.2

Updated 29AUG2022

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