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The who, what, and where of Minnesota's digital innovation for the new decade.

Anatomi Corp. founders Vincent Truong and Patrick Walsh were working as staff researchers at University of Minnesota stem cell labs when they discovered a shortcut for producing human neurons. Using adult cells, the two found a way to produce neurons in as little as seven days, a process that typically takes a month. Truong and Walsh took their idea to the U of M’s Venture Center, an accelerator that helps researchers commercialize their discoveries. In May, Anatomi spun off as a separate business. The founders branded their neuron-making technology as the Chrono platform; they say the technology has great potential for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, whose causes have bedeviled scientists for years. For instance, researchers could use Chrono to replicate neurons from Alzheimer’s patients, which would help them better understand how the disease progresses on an individualized basis. In May, the company landed a $100,000 regenerative medicine grant from the state to bring the Chrono platform to market; Anatomi hopes to raise more from private investors.


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