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Anatomic is a stem cell engineering firm providing best-in-class solutions for cell modeling in drug discovery.

It's All in the Protocol

Normal developmental processes produce fundamentally superior cell types. That's why Anatomic develops its products using developmentally-guided principles. This means interacting with pluripotent stem cells via cell culture media factors that mimics embryological development that occurs in vivo. We're not going to lie, this is the difficult way to make pure cell populations. But once you know, you know, and every hiPSC line will respond predictably.

The Journey Is More Important Than the Destination

At Anatomic, we don't take the "forward programming" shortcut. We don't need to. We know that overexpression of "destination" transcription factors shortchanges customers with low-fidelity physiological responses without providing additional benefits in terms of purity. Forward programming also requires genetic engineering for every cell line to be differentiated, which is more expensive and scales less than the "solved protocols" that Anatomic provides.

Validated Cells, Validated Assays.

It's all in the model. Whether you're making your own differentiated cell types or buying them off the shelf, having your cells in-hand is only the first challenge. Anatomic understands this and comes equipped with a suite of assay systems validated for use in every one of our portfolio cell types. We know that if you can't use it, then what's the point?

So Easy Even an Undergrad Can Do It

Anatomic prides itself in making the highest purity hPSC-derived cell types when purchased off-the-shelf. But our manufacturing processes are precisely refined to the point that we feel comfortable placing this power in your own hands with our differentiation kits.  We have nothing to hide, and when you can see it for yourself, you know it's for real!

A Flexible System for Anyone

Whether you are manufacturing your own hPSC-derived cells with our kits (like with our Chrono™ Senso-DM), or buying cells off-the-shelf (like our RealDRG™), we have everything from media (Chrono™ Senso-MM) to matrix so you can focus your energy on the difficult part -- your research question.

Contact us today to discuss how easy it is to use Anatomic's Chrono™ platform to help accelerate your research.

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