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For the maturation of Sensory Neurons into electrophysiological responsive neurons by end users.

Senso-MM is the maturation medium for hiPSC-derived sensory neurons. Designed with the end user in mind, Senso-MM rapidly matures sensory neurons purchased as RealDRG™ or differentiated using Senso-DM.

The advanced nature of Anatomic's suite of products drastically cuts the production and maturation time of neurons from human pluripotent stem cells. Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into dorsal root ganglia-like sensory neurons is reduced to seven days from the traditional 35 days or more.


Pharmaceutical companies, academic research facilities and other research labs are free to innovate and experiment with cutting-edge pain treatment and pain drug discovery. Applications for hiPSC-derived sensory neurons continue to grow as new application notes are developed.

Fast, Functional and Easy to Use

The entire series is designed with researchers of all skill levels in mind. Rapid maturation from nociceptors with Senso-MM only requires standard laboratory equipment and materials, and its ease of use makes it possible to successfully mature hiPSC-derived sensory neurons.

Maturing the Sensory Neurons requires no antimicrobial agents when standard aseptic techniques are used during plating. Maturation is straightforward, with a standard volume feeding every second day.

Proven Real-World Results

Within one week of maturation using Senso-MM,  ion channels, potassium, calcium and sodium currents are present and firing action potentials are verifiable via patch-clamp electrophysiology and microelectrode array studies. Electrophysiological studies can be performed in either current or voltage clamp modes.

Multi-electrode testing provides data for the firing pattern of both sensory neurons. This includes voltage-gated sodium Nav1.7, Nav1.8 and Nav1.9, calcium ion channels, and TrpV1. MEA studies displayed appropriate responses to both capsaicin and lidocaine.

The Highest Quality hiPSC-Derived Sensory Neuron Protocol

An Anatomic hiPSC-derived sensory neuron is Not Your Average Neuron™. We employ serum-free, chemically defined media formulations, eliminating the variability of undefined reagents and providing reliable and consistent results. Our matrices and growth factors drive de-novo differentiation of pure neuronal subpopulations.

With its seven-day process, Anatomic's protocol and hiPSC-derived sensory neuron culture media formulations provide researchers with more time for data interpretation, innovation and treatment possibilities.

To discuss how Senso-DM, RealDRG™ and Senso-MM can reduce experiment preparation time and improve testing speed in your facility, contact us today.

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Senso-MM Product Manual

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