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Cryopreserved hiPSC-derived nociceptors manufactured for off-the-shelf use by end users.

Anatomic recognizes that not all pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers and other research facilities want to produce their own differentiated sensory neurons in-house. Others may not need the quantities of hiPSC-derived sensory neurons our Chrono™ Senso-DM can produce.

For these researchers, we've developed RealDRG™, cryopreserved human pluripotent stem cell-derived sensory neurons (nociceptors) ready for end-user, off-the-shelf use. RealDRG™ provides a minimum of one million post-thaw viable sensory neurons to the end-user.


These hiPSC-derived nociceptors are phenotype-consistent throughout lots and have excellent and predictable post-thaw recovery. The expression of BRN3A, ISL1 and PERIPHERIN is consistent by immunocytochemistry as well as other sensory neuron markers.

RealDRG™ cryopreserved hiPSC-derived sensory neurons do not require mitomycin treatment and can be rapidly matured using Chrono™ Senso-MM.

Strict Protocols Produce Superior Sensory Neurons

Anatomic's cryopreserved hiPSC-derived sensory neurons are held to the highest production standards, providing consistent and reliable results for your research needs.

We use a serum-free, chemically defined media and factors to drive cell differentiation. Our high-quality inputs mean you receive the most superior hiPSC-derived sensory neuron available—This is Not Your Average Neuron™.

This same human pluripotent stem cell differentiation (hiPSC) medium is available to researchers as Chrono™ Senso-DM. Producing up. to 10 million sensory neurons with 90% purity for BRN3A, ISL1 and PERIPHERIN in seven days, Chrono™ Senso-DM may be a more effective choice as your research needs evolve.

Accelerate Your Neuroscience Innovations with RealDRG™

Anatomic's cryopreserved hiPSC-derived sensory neurons accelerate experimentation, data collection and potential pain drug discovery. Without the need for extensive experimentation preparation, researchers can focus on discovery and innovation.

Those who specialize in pain drug discovery understand the frustration of long experiment setup times, only to have a new treatment fail in-vitro. Working with RealDRG™ sensory neurons eliminates the lag time between concept and experiment. It allows researchers to quickly quantify drugs and treatments with the greatest potential and have a consistent stock of hiPSC-derived sensory neurons to replicate results and build a case for clinical success.

Contact us today about improving your research workflow and success with RealDRG™ hiPSC-derived sensory neurons or scaling up with Chrono™ Senso-MM.

RealDRG Resources

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Version 1.2

Updated 29AUG2022

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