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Cryopreserved hiPSC-derived nociceptors manufactured for off-the-shelf use by end users.

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RealDRG™ cryopreserved human pluripotent stem cell-derived sensory neurons (nociceptors) are a highly pure, easy to use and functional in vitro model for pain drug discovery. 

These hiPSC-derived nociceptors are consistent, scalable, express key ion channels and come in three different sizes with guaranteed viable sensory neurons:

•1M per vial CAT#1020-1M

•3M per vial CAT#1020-3M

•5M per vial CAT#1020-5M

Strict Protocols Produce Superior Sensory Neurons

Anatomic's cryopreserved RealDRG hiPSC-derived sensory neurons are held to the highest production standards, providing consistent and reliable results for your drug discovery and research needs. Using the Senso-DM directed differentiation process on internal hiPSC lines, we can generate billions of neurons at scale and at 99% purity - without the need for mitomycin C treatment.

PCA analysis shows RealDRG neurons mature in the shortest time and are closer to primary human DRG tissue compared to other hiPSC-derived sensory neuron protocols:

Proven in a Number of Assays

We've performed extensive assay development for a number of techniques so that your first experiments will run smoothly.  Without the need for extensive optimization, researchers can focus on discovery and innovation.

RealDRG 4Patch Clamp Electrophysiology.png

Patch Clamp Electrophysiology

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RealDRG NeuriteOutgrowth.png

Neurite Outgrowth








Calcium Imaging

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RealDRG Resources

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RealDRG Quick Guide

Version 1.7

Updated 14JUNE2023

RealDRG Seeding Density

Version 1.0

Updated 04MAY2023

RealDRG Calcium Imaging

Version 1.0

Updated 08DEC2021


Version 1.2

Updated 29AUG2022

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