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Neurons at the Speed Researchers Need

At Anatomic, we know the key to breakthroughs for peripheral and central nervous system disorders is a controllable, reliable supply of hiPSC-derived neurons. The better the neuron, the faster novel treatments can be tested and refined. Our core focus is to ensure pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers and other scientific laboratories have access to easy-to-use neuron supplies to accelerate discoveries in novel drug discovery.

The Mission is Accelerated Drug Discovery for All Neurological Diseases

Anatomic currently provides pain researchers access to RealDRG™, our human pluripotent stem cell-derived nociceptors. Anatomic's nociceptors provide pain research sensory neurons very similar to those found natively in humans for testing potential pain management treatments.

Our nociceptors are built upon a more generalizable platform for differentiating all neurons from stem cells at scale with future applicability for accelerated drug discovery for conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The understanding of neurological interventions can now move at speeds researchers could only previously dream about.

Not Your Average Neuron™

Anatomic produces Primal Ectoderm within a mere 24 hours. By creating a "shortcut to shortcuts," our technology enables near-instantaneous access to difficult-to-engineer patterning stages important for generating neuronal diversity and accelerates the manufacture of immature neurons within seven days. By cutting the process of manufacturing hiPSC-derived neurons down to one week from the traditional one month, our technology eliminates the production bottleneck, allowing researchers to focus on reaching their goals.

The Anatomic hiPSC-Derived Sensory Neuron Protocol

Creating the pure populations of hiPSC-derived sensory neurons in large batch volumes in a fraction of the time requires the development of high-precision protocols to ensure consistent manufacture of cells as the foundation for reproducible assay results. This is Not Your Average Neuron™.

Anatomic uses serum-free, chemically defined media formulations, recombinant or synthetic matrices, and selective and high potency small molecules/recombinant growth factors to drive de-novo differentiation of pure neuronal subpopulations. These protocols developed with high-quality inputs eliminate variability seen when using undefined reagents.

The culture media rapidly directs the differentiation of human-induced pluripotent stem cells into specific neuronal subpopulations. With its seven-day process, Anatomic's protocol and culture media formulations (Senso-DM, RealDRG and Senso-MM) create a workflow that is easily managed by researchers of any skill level in a few simple steps, allowing more time for data interpretation, innovation and treatment possibilities.

To learn more about our products, contact us or visit our Senso-DM, RealDRG™ or  Senso-MM pages today.

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