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Human induced pluripotent stem cell derived melanocytes for in vitro modeling

Anatomic has developed RealMELO™, human iPSC derived melanocytes that can be differentiated and expanded in vitro. This allows researchers to study melanocyte maturation, melanin production, cosmetics development, pigmentation disorders, and melanoma progression. Additionally, iPSC technology enables the creation of disease-specific iPSC melanocyte models, facilitating the investigation of disease mechanisms, drug screening, and personalized medicine approaches.

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By harnessing the potential of human iPSC melanocytes, researchers can gain deeper insights into melanocyte biology and develop novel strategies for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of melanocyte-associated disorders. This approach not only saves time and resources but also offers a standardized and reproducible cellular model, enhancing the quality and reliability of research outcomes.

Rapid Differentiation Protocol

Anatomic's RealMELO™ offer a groundbreaking advancement in melanocyte research by providing a simplified and efficient 7-day protocol for their generation. This streamlined process allows researchers to generate high-quality melanocytes from human iPSCs in a significantly shorter timeframe compared to traditional methods.

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Day 7

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High Efficiency and Yield

Our revolutionary RealMELO™ exhibit an outstanding efficiency of up to 85% in generating SOX10+/MITF+ melanocytes. Researchers can also manufacture up to 10 million cells. This remarkable level of efficiency and yield ensures a highly enriched population of functional melanocytes with the essential markers required for their proper identification and characterization.

Such high efficiency not only reduces the time and effort required for generating melanocytes but also guarantees a reliable and consistent supply of cells for various research applications. 

Pigmentation In Only 7 days

RealMELO™  showcases pigment production visible to the naked eye in as little as 7 days of maturation. If your drug screen readout is pigmentation, the effects will be obvious in as little as 7 days post-thaw!


With RealMELO™, researchers can confidently delve into the intricacies of melanocyte biology, pigmentation disorders, and melanoma while knowing they are working with a highly efficient and reliable cell population.

RealMELO™ Resources

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